Amie Mish-Wills, Principal Legal Advisor - Workplace Relations

Principal Legal Advisor – Workplace Relations

Amie has worked in industrial relations law for the duration of her career, including five years in private practice and most recently as a senior industrial relations advisor and Director of Organisation Development at two Hospital and Health Services. Consequently, she brings a combination of legal expertise and practical implementation skills that are unmatched in our region.

Amie has substantial experience resolving workplace-related disputes in the Fair Work Commission and the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission on behalf of both employers and employees, as well as assisting employers to navigate the complex application of Industrial Relations law to their businesses. She provides contemporary, practical and legal Workplace Relations advice to our clients, covering all aspects of workplace relations including compliance with workplace relations laws, conduct and performance management, workplace change, enterprise bargaining, executive employment, remuneration, workplace strategy, health & safety, workplace injuries (WorkCover), discrimination, workplace investigations and dispute resolution.

Amie is also well versed in public service, health and government workforce management after working exclusively for two Hospital and Health Services of Queensland Health. She was also the Director responsible for the coordination, development and implementation of effective workplace relations strategies and initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic during her time as a Director of the South West Hospital and Health Service.

Like all of our legal advisors, Amie’s expertise extends beyond than traditional ‘legal advice’, as she is highly skilled and passionate about assisting clients with workforce development and strategy through contemporary coaching that supports and empowers businesses and managers to make safe, informed and meaningful decisions during the course of business that will protect their interests and grow their workplaces and employees. She is passionate about creating meaningful frameworks and imparting practical tips for businesses to implement and make industrial compliance second nature.

So impressive are Amie’s achievements, she was named Queensland Emergent Woman Lawyer of the Year in 2019.

Contact Amie on or (07) 4646 2425 to find out how she can assist with optimising Workplace Relations within your business.