Free legal support for businesses during COVID-19

Are you a business owner who is struggling to navigate the unchartered waters of running a business during a pandemic? Do you need legal advice on the ever-changing Government directives and initiatives? Is your business suffering financially during these challenging times?

Now is not the time to ‘go rogue’ and do without a business lawyer. In fact, you might need legal advice more than ever.

The team at Enterprise Legal knows this and wants to help you and your business – after all, we are ‘Built for Business’ and it is our goal to help as many businesses as possible get through the current situation and return to success.

For this reason, we are making a range of resources and documents available on this page for your free download and use. These resources will be updated and added to, as the pandemic progresses. To ensure you stay up to date, please SIGN UP HERE to ensure you receive our email updates and follow up on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Free COVID-19 legal resources for business



These resources are provided for your general application and assistance only and are not (and do not seek to be) customized for your business or specific circumstances. If you require specific advice on the application of these resources to your business, please contact our team who will be able to assist you at a discounted rate.

If you use, download or reproduce any of these resources, this does not mean that Enterprise Legal become your lawyers or that a solicitor-client relationship is created. You agree that you indemnify Enterprise Legal for any loss or damage suffered by you or any third party as a result of you or any third party using or incorrectly using the resources, given their generic nature.

These resources are provided for your own personal business use and must not be on-sold or distributed in any way, without our consent. Enterprise Legal retains the copyright in these base documents.

While we use reasonable effort to ensure that the resources remain accurate, current and complete, we don’t represent, warrant or guarantee its accuracy, currency or completeness (to the maximum extent permitted by law) at any given time, especially given the recent rapidly changing climate. Please review the currency date on each document when you download it to ensure that it is still relevant, prior to using it.
Enterprise Legal takes no responsibility whatsoever, nor makes any representation about (including, but not limited to the veracity or currency) of any resource provided by our friends or colleagues. Any use of those resources is subject to any terms imposed by the parties who has prepared them.

Coronavirus Employment Resources

We have prepared this Coronavirus Employment Generic Advice by way of an overview of the current options available to employers in relation to dealing with their employees (including redundancy, stand-down etc.). Please note, this advice will be updated when the legislation relating to the ‘JobKeeper’ initiative is passed by Parliament.

This Coronavirus Arrangements Template Letter can be edited and provided to your employees, to deal with the arrangements that you have put in place with them in light of the pandemic.

This Coronavirus Stand Down Template Letter can be edited and provided to employees who you have to stand down during this time.

This Coronavirus Policy can be edited and customized for your business, to ensure key liability matters are dealt with. This will be particularly relevant in the future months, as employees start to return to the workplace.

If you are an employer looking for guidance regarding how to assist your employees to navigate the mental impacts of the current pandemic, check out the Accidental Counsellor Tips provided by our friends at CatholicCare Social Services.

Coronavirus Financial Resources

TheWomensAccountant LogoFor free daily videos about various accounting-and-Corona-related matters, join the Facebook Group run by our good friend Emma Bowdler – The Women’s Accountant and access her free resources, including a nifty JobKeeper Wage Subsidy Calculator.

To stay up-to-date with all Federal Government initiatives, be sure to regularly review the Coronavirus Information and Support for Business.

For regular local updates regarding various aspects of the different stimulus packages available, check out the dedicated resources published by our friends at:

RS Logo

 logo small


Power Tynan LogoFor a comprehensive overview of the Covid 19 Stimulus & Support Measures and details of what your business can actually access, check out this great guide prepared by our friends at Power Tynan.

Use the PAYG Cashflow Boost Calculator to work out what you will receive and when you will receive it under the ‘PAYG Cashflow Boost’ initiative.

Coronavirus Leasing Resources

We have prepared this Coronavirus Leasing Generic Advice to assist landlords and tenants to identify and understand the matters that they should consider when negotiating amendments to their current lease arrangements, in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. Note: This has been updated following the announcement of the 'Mandatory Code of Conduct’ at the end of the description of this document.

This Coronavirus Lease Negotiation Document can be used by landlords or tenants to prepare a formal offer to vary a current lease, for the other party’s consideration. It also includes some proposals for the types of things that can be offered by both parties during these times.

This Coronavirus Deed of Variation of Lease Template provides an easy way for Landlords and Tenants to protect their legal rights and document their agreement relating to lease arrangements during the pandemic. Please note that if the lease is registered on the Property Title, you should seek guidance from our EL Team before using this document, to ensure that it will be applicable for your lease. This document has been prepared for use in relation to Queensland leases and you should seek legal advice if your lease related to premises in a different State or Territory, prior to using this document.