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Terms & Conditions (Sale of Goods) ($550)

For the sale of goods online or in-store

Do I need Terms and Conditions for my business?

If you sell goods or products to customers, then you need Terms and Conditions to ensure you are best protected from a legal standpoint.

Having well-drafted Terms and Conditions can protect you in relation to matters of legal liability and payment, as the document sets out the respective rights and responsibilities of your business and the customer.

What is included with this ELBizDoc?

If you purchase these Terms and Conditions, you will receive:

  1. Terms and Conditions (in Word format) customised for your particular business and based on the information provided in your Interview;
  2. an ongoing, irrevocable licence to use the Terms and Conditions in relation to the business for which they have been prepared (eg. you can't use the same document for multiple businesses - if you need multiple documents, please contact our team for a fee quotation); and
  3. contact from one of our leading business lawyers, to answer any questions that you might have in relation to the Terms and Conditions.

Do not buy this ELBizDoc if...

Contact us first before purchasing this ELBizDoc if any of the following apply:

  1. you want the document to be enforceable in a country other than Australia;
  2. you provide services, rather than goods or products – our ELBizDocs Services Agreement will likely be appropriate in these circumstances;
  3. you only sell items through an online store on your website – our ELBizDocs Website Terms & Conditions will likely be appropriate in these circumstances; 
  4. you are providing software-as-a-service (SaaS); or
  5. you are not sure whether the document will be applicable to your particular business.

I'm ready, let's do this!

This Interview will take approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

Before starting, you will need to have handy:

  1. the details of the legal entity that owns your business (including ACN and ABN details, as applicable);
  2. information about your business (eg. what types of goods/products you sell, where/how you sell them);
  3. details regarding how the client obtains the goods/products (eg. are they delivered, do you have a shopfront); and
  4. other basic contact information.

By hitting 'Start' on this Interview, you acknowledge and agree:

  1. that we (Enterprise Legal (Qld) Trading Pty Ltd ACN 621 481 507 trading as Enterprise Legal Qld ABN 75 621 481 507) are providing you with legal services and the terms of our ELBizDocs Costs Agreement apply to the provision of these services;
  2. we are not providing you with accounting and taxation advice in relation to these services and we strongly recommend that you seek advice from an appropriate professional in this regard;
  3. we are not providing you with legal advice in relation to these services or any other services, apart from:
    (a) the generic advice that is provided on this page and throughout your Interview; and
    (b) the specific advice provided to you by a member of our EL Team, once you have completed your order;
  4. we will use all reasonable endeavours to create the Terms and Conditions within three Business Days (starting on the day after we receive your order, if it is placed after 12pm), but will not be liable to you if we are unable to meet this timeframe; and
  5. once your order is placed, you are unable to cancel it (this however, does not exclude any rights that you may have pursuant to the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld)).