Toowoomba's Leading Debt Recovery Lawyers

At Enterprise Legal, we know cash flow is king.

We also know that your time is better spent on delivering exceptional service to your customers, and not wasting time and resources trying to recover payment. Our experience shows that a letter of demand from a lawyer is more likely to prompt payment than a follow up invoice or letter of demand from your business.

We are experienced in all aspects of debt recovery and as we step you through the debt recovery process we will ensure your reputation and relationships remain intact. Enterprise Legal is results-orientated – we have the expertise, commitment and capability to recover your debts no matter how big or small.

Debt Recovery Services

Enterprise Legal offers the following debt recovery services:

  • Drafting letters of demand
  • Negotiating with debtors
  • Drafting, negotiating and executing payment plans or settlement agreements
  • Debt recovery via Court or QCAT
  • Preparing creditors statutory demand
  • Commence the bankruptcy process
  • Winding up of a company
  • Seizure and sale of goods or real estate
  • Registration of caveats and warrants on debtor’s real property

As per the Enterprise Legal Fee Promise, all of these services are offered on a fixed fee or capped basis.

Debt Recovery Retainers

Fixed fee, capped billing or retainers

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